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About Calyx Farm

About Us

Hello and thanks for stopping by to learn more about our farm! We are Jeremy and Alisha of Calyx Farm. 

Jeremy has worked on diversified produce farms across the country, including Vermont, Washington, and Ohio. While working on these different farms, he’s been involved in many aspects of vegetable production, including greenhouse management, field prep, irrigation, pest and weed control, harvest, post-harvest handling and sales. Jeremy started growing flowers in our backyard as a hobby and developed an instant passion for them. He enjoys cultivating the emotional connections that we as humans have to flowers. 

Alisha has a background in botany and environmental studies and quickly found that sustainable farming was the perfect blend of her passion and interests. She has worked on small mixed vegetable farms but really fell in love with the beauty of fresh cut flowers when working for Pike Place Market in Seattle and being exposed to the amazing flower farmers in that region.

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The Farm and our Farming Practices

Jeremy and Alisha met working in environmental conservation and habitat restoration and quickly realized that we both shared a deep passion for agriculture. Fast forward eight years and in 2019, we started growing flowers in raised beds around our yard. We quickly found that we didn’t have enough space for all of the flowers we wanted to grow, so we now rent land in Yellow Springs so that we can offer more fresh cut flowers. 

Given our conservation background and experience with sustainable farming, we are extremely mindful of how our farming practices impact the ecology of the land. We value stewardship and focus on building healthy soils in order to produce strong and resilient plants. We make sure that any products that are used on the farm are either OMRI-listed or non-synthetic inputs. That way you can be sure that our flowers are not only healthy and safe for you and your family, but also the environment. 

We grow a wide variety of cut flowers, bouquet fillers, and herbs in order to create beautiful and captivating arrangements. We hope to bring you on a botanical adventure with our bouquets and hope they bring you much joy, happiness, and comfort. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more about our farm. We’d love to hear from you!

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